Take me to Church-Serena & Henry

I've missed a good Church Wedding of late, they really are something special. Enter the magnificent St.Peter Mancroft in all it's glory as the setting for the adorable Serena and Henry. THE most relaxed, gentle, polite and all round awesome human beings one could wish to work for. So relaxed in fact, Serena was collecting … Continue reading Take me to Church-Serena & Henry

Hoste to Holkham – Lauren & Joe

Nothing like coming back with a bang eh? Friday kicked off in style at the Hoste Arms, Burnham Market. The Hoste was a firm favourite of mine for many years, so it was rather lovely to be back there to meet with Lauren and her bridal party. On the way up I spotted a rather … Continue reading Hoste to Holkham – Lauren & Joe

Luke & Lucy

GINNY WEASLEY "Seems silly, doesn't it? A Wedding. Given everything that's going on" HARRY POTTER "Maybe that's the reason to have it, Because of everything that's going on" I've shamelessly stolen the above quote from the wonderful Harry Potter books. The Author overcame adversity and hard times and now look.....just look! The toughest times can … Continue reading Luke & Lucy