About me

Wedding Day-1

Well, this is me. I’m utterly addicted to cameras and documenting life. I’m also obsessed with travel. Travel and street photography are my therapy. I eat too many Haribos and I love a bit of arctic roll…I’m also rather partial to Earl Grey and a nice G & T. I’m a lover of wide open spaces, adventures (ask me about my next one!) and scaring myself from time to time. I believe anything is possible, I’ll always find reasons why I can do something rather than reasons why I can’t.  

I studied Photography and trained in film, so it’s come as no surprise to find a job that makes me truly happy. I’m still a lover of shooting film when time permits too. I cannot believe how lucky I am, having a front row seat to a Wedding day is an enormous privilege that I’ll never take lightly. I’m good fun and will blend in well, almost unnoticed at times. I have a relaxed documentary approach to a Wedding, working hard to secure the real moments not just the posed ones.

I believe that empathy is a huge part of being good at this job. You need to know how to anticipate a reaction and where to be to get it safely in the bag. Being a people person is also key, anyone can make something look pretty, but as ever, timing is key. Being in the right place at the right time. I strive to keep it real, warts and all. Just like Marriage I guess! I’ll get all the random, funny silliness as well as the tender moments that no one else sees.

There’s nothing better than a Wedding Day, and if you want to see my work check out the blog section. There you’ll find my latest Weddings and get a real flavour of who I am. After all, you’ll be with me most of the day! Have a look at what makes me happy. That’s the real me right there.


Love a good adventure, this was a tad chilly…
Credit : Esther Wild Photography
I believe in happy endings. This is mine.

Credit: Esther Wild Photography
My awesome support crew, bag carrier and lighting guru. He’s a keeper.