Luke & Lucy


“Seems silly, doesn’t it? A Wedding.

Given everything that’s going on”


“Maybe that’s the reason to have it,

Because of everything that’s going on”

I’ve shamelessly stolen the above quote from the wonderful Harry Potter books. The Author overcame adversity and hard times and now look…..just look! The toughest times can force us to dig a little deeper, smile through it all and work harder to be kinder, more considerate and resourceful people. Luke and Lucy made their Wedding Day all about them, not the Pandemic. Hats off to them, all control measures in place, it was easy to forget the outside world. These guys take teamwork to a whole new level.

Luke is Mr. Fixit, and is certainly the kinda guy you’d want to invite camping or on an expedition! He and Lucy had made everything you see, with not one nod to the tacky or mainstream. Elegance and class oozed through the day, and as for chemistry…they have that smoking hot thing going on. So much so, I squeezed my OH a lot harder on my return home. They have a deep bond and a gentle way about them that will see them make a roaring success of whatever they turn their hands to.

Lucy was a joy to document, all smiles all day long, making my job super easy! Just take a look, at times I could easily imagine her as a small child growing up, she has a really infectious quality that shines through. Luke, you’re a lucky man.

I had no idea how a Wedding during the Pandemic would be, but you know what? I think it was actually better than the norm. With only a handful of family and friends, there was time to be uber creative and shoot for the sky.

Luke, Lucy, keep dancing in the kitchen.

Keep laughing.

Keep each other close.

Louise x

Shout out to awesome Amanda Steed (Hair & MUA) @

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