Dan & Kate: ‘timeless’ – synonyms: lasting, classic, enduring, perpetual, abiding, unfailing, immutable, everlasting.

These two are pretty darn cool together, that’s easy to see. With some extensive wanderlusting and exploring under their belts, they really do come across as the best of friends. Dan and Kate threw a pretty spectacular day for their family and friends, with some of the best flowers I’ve seen in a few years. The smell walking into the church was beautiful!

They’re a handsome couple right? I’m totally in love with Kate’s choice of dress, real art deco chic. This pair gave me a bit of a shock starting a chat group titled ‘photoshop’ after Dan had an incident with a table and some glasses…..I’ll now refer to Dan as Mr. Bump…..

A stunning church and a short walk to an equally epic barn made for a splendidly British affair indeed. Also, my first Bride to have been for a run on her Wedding Day……why oh why????????

The weather teased me all day with some moody clouds hovering, but luck was on our side and the light positively dreamy in the early evening. Have an amazing Honeymoon you two, enjoy your blog and have a great time exploring another Country, after all, isn’t that what life is all about? A whole world to see, and what better than doing that with your best buddy by your side. Bliss.

A huge thank you to a special support crew, our wonderful driver Jason and the immeasurably talented Patrick Watson for second shooting – (www.patrickwatsonphotography.co.uk)

Venue: http://www.thetythebarn.co.uk


Flowers: http://www.thegreatlittleflowercompany.co.uk

MUA: http://www.katieburtmakeup.co.uk

Hair: http://www.katiejanewhitlock.co.uk

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