Tate (hyphen please) Manors. Procrastinating no more.

Where did the last three days go? The long awaited Tate-Manors Wedding Weekend has drawn to a close. Darren and Sarah rocked the Norfolk Mead until we got thrown out (politely) and sent to our rooms…..officially the latest I’ve ever been up at a Wedding.

It’s always tricky shooting for friends, and I’m hoping I’ve done them proud. They’ve had a cracking few days and I’ll let the images tell their story. There were tears of course, wobbly bottom lips and stoic chin raising from our Groom. Didn’t work though, the tears still flowed. Quite right too, because Sarah packed a punch in her dress with POCKETS! I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Pockets!!!!!!!!! P.U.N.C.H.I.N.G dude. Christmas came early.

The Wedding was a real family affair, and I didn’t spot one bored guest. Nope. No staring into your pint at this shindiggy-dooo. I’m 100% confident Darren has found his forever with Sarah, and he deserves nothing less. I’m not entirely confident that his choice of “Best Man’ was his best decision yet, but he certainly gave us a good speech – so well done Hoggle:) but for the love of God, have a wax.

Praise be to previous Bride Claire for a pretty darn special Wedding Cake, smashed that one Mrs. (quite literally at 01:30 this morning nom nom nom). Hat’s off to Fine City Chorus, very moving performance from them, look them up – they’re gooooooood!

Have an awesome time on Honeymoon you two, take lots of pictures and relax. It’s in the bag and you can look forward to a long and happy life together. Go team Tate – Manors! Love you lots, thanks for trusting me with snapping those memories. Blub/sniff/wobble xxx

Shout out to Patrick Watson for being my wingman 🙂 skills!

Supplier love:

La Belle Flowers: http://www.labelleflowers.co.uk

Fine City Chorus: http://www.finecitychorus.org.uk

Sean Goodman: http://www.simplymagic.co.uk

The Abyss Function Band: http://www.abyssmusic.co.uk

Mr Events: http://www.mr-events.co.uk

Hair: http://www.raspberryhair.co.uk

Venue: http://www.norfolkmead.co.uk

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