Hoste to Holkham – Lauren & Joe

Nothing like coming back with a bang eh? Friday kicked off in style at the Hoste Arms, Burnham Market. The Hoste was a firm favourite of mine for many years, so it was rather lovely to be back there to meet with Lauren and her bridal party.

On the way up I spotted a rather lovely Porsche in the car park, little did I know that a few hours later I would be following that up the epic approach to Holkham Hall. Drooling, dribbling and dreaming.

I guess none of us know how we will react on our big day, Lauren was serene, calm and classy from the off. When her Dad came to collect her there wasn’t a dry eye, and I’m not surprised. Lauren is a real show stopper.

Temporarily held on the approach to Holkham while the guests took their seats, well wishers strolling through the park stopped the Bridal Car for a quick chat, and for a moment the extraordinary collided with the ordinary. Those moments keep me coming back for more, I will never tire of the excitement that seeing a Bride creates moments before the ‘I do’.

Lauren and Joe had their Ceremony in the magnificent Marble Hall. A firm favourite amongst us Photographers for obvious reasons. Oh the light, just perfect! The scale and opulence are quite frankly mind-blowing. It never fails to knock my socks off, what an absolute treat for them both.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a real life movie? When the stars align and everything is perfect? Rare I know, but this really was one of those days.

A truly elegant Couple these two, who look pretty pleased with themselves, and so they should.

Grab a cuppa and dig in, it’s a good’un!

Huge shoutout to the ever dependable and talented Patrick Watson Photography for coming along for the Ceremony, you are a star – thank you.

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