Your Engagement Shoot & what to expect

Well hello dear reader….it’s been a while! As we hurtle towards meeting up again soon I’m planning some Engagement Shoots with my couples, these legends have postponed and rearranged time and time again. So now what? It’s almost time to hook up and get stuck in. So what next I hear you say? What shall we wear? Where shall we go? Make a cuppa and let my latest blog reassure and guide you.

Nervous? Yup, that’s normal and totally understandable. It may feel intense being just us, but it actually gives me a chance to ease you in gently without the world watching on the Wedding Day. We get to know each other even more and you get some gorgeous memories that you can treasure.

Where all we have the shoot?

That depends on you guys! If you are super nervous let’s stay away from really busy urban areas and head out to more rural locations. Do you like classic images or are you open to more contemporary, street style images?

I honestly LOVE shooting urban environments. The opportunities are countless and you are spoilt with some pretty epic backdrops. I’ve shot on beaches, in woods and along the Southbank in London – hey I’m open to suggestions. I’m also super excited to shoot in new places too. Hell, I can make a car park look good, just try me….

What time of day is best?

Hmmm….well this depends. Light is fascinating at all times of day, but by far the best time of day is the hour before and after sunrise. Especially when places are deserted and quiet, you can steal some wonderfully atmospheric images as a result. These guys above hit Covent Garden before the world woke up and smashed it.

After dark though though……oooohhhhh that’s something else entirely. Just check these images out that were taken after the sun went to bed. I do love to play with light. Your boring local shopping centre can actually look quite cool!

What shall I wear?

Just be comfy or you’ll feel self conscious and spend all your time readjusting:)

Bright, bold colours rock and there is really no need to go matchy matchy. Those days are gone right? Take the opportunity to dress up a little bit, heck you could even combine it with your hair and make up trial. Wouldn’t that be fab?

Try to avoid carrying big bags, I won’t be able to shoot and carry them for you, travel light and keep bulky phones hidden if you can.

What will happen on the day?

Have fun! Simple as that…

We will have a walk around and a chat to break the ice, or a beer if you prefer! I start by finding light and textures that interest me and I’ll encourage you guys to interact normally with some gentle posing as needed. I’ll ask you questions to get to know you both more, but from far away enough not to intrude on your space. Yes there will be cuddles and kisses too, but I promise you’ll feel more relaxed as we go. Most couples don’t want the shoot to end and we run waaaaayyyyy over. My bad. I’m a tinker for “oops just one more, look at the light over there!”

I hope you’ve found this helpful, if you have any other questions just drop me a line. Stay safe x

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