‘In Sickness & in Health’ -Coronavirus


Images by the ever awesome friend and Photographer Esther Wild at http://www.estherwild.com!

The world is a little topsy turvy right now and you may well be anxious and confused about how it could affect your Wedding plans. Now Covid-19 has firmly taken hold I feel the need to reach out to my couples to provide reassurance and comfort that I won’t be taking my responsibilities to you, and the wider Wedding Community lightly.

I’m very lucky to be part of an awesome network of fellow Photographers here in East Anglia. We are already helping each other out and in times of need, we always have. We are a close community and rest assured, there is PLENTY of backup should the worst happen.

I can’t advise you how to protect your Wedding from cancellation or what your Venue and Suppliers are likely to face, but I can tell you this. Be sensitive to your Wedding Suppliers, this is a massive unknown and we understand how worried and anxious you’ll be. Will it go ahead? Will there be financial loss? We are all worried and unsure. Being your own boss is all well and good, but you can’t call in sick. We crack on regardless and it can be tough at times. There is no such thing as a sick day! You, my dear Couples are my boss…

I plan to eat well, work out and follow all the guidance out there to combat this. I plan to be there on your Wedding Day and give you my best. I’m only as good as my last Wedding as far as I’m concerned. I’ll always recommend Wedding Insurance, but this may not be much help at all right now if you haven’t taken it out prior to the Virus breaking out.

Don’t panic and cancel your Wedding or your supplier. Your Insurance will be unlikely to ‘cough’ up and you could be out of pocket.

Chat to your existing and potential suppliers about the Virus. They might help you to postpone, move your date or carry forward existing payments. As I see it, we are all in this mess together, so let’s keep talking and looking for ways to adapt and overcome and be creative.

If your supplier becomes ill and has to cancel, this will be covered in the cancellation policy for any contract you should have signed.

I do what I do because I care about my Couples having an experience to remember. I’m part of the deal, not just capturing your images, but the entire service you receive when I rock up camera in hand. I want to continue making magic for you all, but we are all vulnerable right now. Yes it’s going to be a massive challenge but with sensitivity, calmness, communication and good old fashioned optimism, we can face it head on, together.

If you’re worried or concerned, please get in touch. We can thrash it out and come up with a plan of action. Let’s face this together. I’m a great problem solver.

Let’s get Married! x (just maybe not in the way you’d planned, but that may just add to the magic – you never know) My Mum says we find all the best places when we get lost 🙂

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