Here’s to doing it your way.

Duncan and Michelle decided early on that their Wedding Day would be firmly focused  around the people who matter most, and it would happen in the place they love the most. It was no mean feat transforming their pad into a Wedding reception venue. When we first met I advised them to go bonkers with fairy lights. I bloody love little twinkly lights and throw them around all over the place at home…Michelle didn’t disappoint!

A 4pm ceremony in December is enough to strike fear into any Photographer’s soul. Especially when it starts to rain too. Yup. Rain on your Wedding Day. I don’t think they noticed and it certainly didn’t change anything. Except the Church Ceremony that is. They were VERY lucky to have a super cool Vicar who let us turn the church into a mini studio and throw confetti around inside. Oh, and we could play with flash. Pretty unheard of. I’ve not felt that welcome in a church before that’s for sure.

Despite the temporary loss of the fish and chip man….(true story) I think these two should be very pleased with themselves. They made their Wedding Day all about them, their children and closest family and friends. Celebrating at home in familiar surroundings should be done more often. It made for a very relaxed Wedding Party. Until the now famous barman took over that is……..SHOTS!!! 🙂

Congratulations Duncan and Michelle. Thanks for having me along for the ride. Huge thanks to the talented Joshua Patrick Photography  for being my wingman and throwing lights around stained glass windows. Couldn’t have done it without you! x



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