East meets West

Picture the scene. I’ve met Kate and Dan once at a Wedding. Strictly speaking Kate twice as she had a cheeky G&T at my house many moons ago. We meet in Covent Garden for breakfast and to go through the paperwork for their upcoming Wedding. My smashed avocado and orange juice arrives, the restaurant is full of life and chitter chatter. I’m about to spend a few hours in London with these two and my camera. Does life get much better? Well…..

“So…” Kate casually pipes up “Rankin took some photographs of me recently”……

Exit stage left Louise.

Just kidding (I ain’t leaving my food obviously), but now I’m scared. Time to pop the big girly pants on and stay cool. Stay cool Lou. Arrrrgggghhhhhhhh. Don’t get me wrong, obviously he’s a legend but I soon forgot all about him in the nicest possible way. When I arrived early morning in Covent Garden it was super quiet and very festive. Almost like a film set actually. By the time we had finished chatting the crowds had arrived and it was rammed. It was a big ask to get Kate and Dan to rock it in front of all these crowds but they stepped up, and dare I say….enjoyed it? London was our set for the day.

Over 17,000 steps on the trusty fitbit by the end of play. Boom. People I shoot (never get tired of saying that) always teach me something new. I saw a part of London I’d not seen before and it left a lasting impression. No shops, galleries or fancy displays, just ordinary life for the local people. These guys have a love of the East and introduced me to a minty Shisha 🙂 Much better than the winter ‘wonderland’ we walked past.

It’s very clear that though these guys work hard, they play hard. Together. For that very reason I suspect they will rock the hell out of this marriage lark:) and whatever comes their way. An absolute joy to spend the day with, and I’m very excited to see the Wedding day unfold now, I reckon it’ll be pretty darn special. Special because it won’t just be a Wedding. It’ll be a Marriage.





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