Then there were three.

Yesterday I headed off in the Beetle bug to spend some time at home with a very happy little family indeed. Jaqueta and Chris are now proud parents to gorgeous Georgina who’s recently had her first birthday.

I arrived to find Georgina fast asleep on Mum in her room so we started there. Little snuffly snuggly breaths reminded me just how special these days are. Time really does fly with a baby and the sounds and smells took me right back. Time just stands still really.

A very content happy little person woke up, opened her presents and demolished a huge cupcake before we headed off to the local woods. These are just a small selection of the fun we had along the way. An utterly awesome couple of hours that have really made me reflect on just how special these days are. I am always behind the camera, and my biggest regret is not being in any pictures with my little monkey. Matter not if it’s a phone or a DSLR, just take capture those precious moments before they grow up too quickly!


At home-19At home-21At home-23At home-35At home-202At home-232At home-304At home-403At home-434At home-450At home-487At home-507At home-538At home-555At home-670At home-676At home-730At home-756At home-795At home-849At home-860At home-904At home-946At home-956At home-968

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