“Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you. Got you shackled in my embrace, I’m latching on to you” – Sam Smith

One full on bad boy Wedding Day was had yesterday. It flew by so quickly, time just ran away, a bit like Olivia’s veil…..that had a mind of it’s own! The sun had his hat on but the wind wasn’t going to calm down that’s for sure. Olivia spent the morning in a pretty full house bursting with friends and family. Matching pjs, bubbles and barely nibbled toast were the order of the day.

The church ceremony was very grand indeed. The building is so beautiful. I loved that the passers by were peeking through the glass doors as Olivia and Matthew exchanged their vows at the stunning altar. All aboard the Red Routemaster Bus to the Cathedral where they had welcome drinks in the Cloisters – not too shabby eh?

Olivia totally rocked her look, a real D & G Bride. The shhhooooooeeeessssss were insane. Getting down the aisle in those was an impressive ‘feat’ Mrs. The green velvet was to die for on the lads, I adore velvet and the bridal party were classy AF. One pretty squad.

I’ve got to say though, cake of the year goes to these guys. Totally in love with it. Thanks heavens that table didn’t collapse hey?! (There’s a story there, but thankfully no bridesmaids were hurt too badly).

But, for me, by far the best bit? The first dance to the utterly gorgeous Sam Smith’s Latch. Followed up by Latch the paaarrrtttaaaaaayyyyyy version. Genius. I make no apologies for singing along whilst shooting. Soz. Sam’s my hero.

Congratulations Olivia and Matthew, I hope you danced into the early hours and ate all that scrummy pizza. Enjoy your blog and may you always be this happy.

Shout out to the talented Patrick Watson Photography for being my Wingman. Your memory card is liquid gold.

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