The boys are in town…….


Oh dear….what could possibly go wrong here? Beer and cut throat razors……hmmmmm. Luckily no blood was shed! For a change, it was all about the boys today ready for the big day tomorrow. Amongst this motley crew are two of my previous Grooms which was awesome as they are still talking to me mwwwwaaaaahhhhh. Loving Swagger & Jacks, these dudes are proper cool.

I’m off to bedfordshire now, but I’ll see you all bright and breezy in the morning!

VERY excited for this one. He’s one of my BFF’S you see. Kept me alive for 2 years. And the rest. True story šŸ™‚ Some people are just good eggs, Darren’s one of them.

If you need a pamper session lads, give them a look


2 thoughts on “The boys are in town…….

  1. Thanks Lou for adding more memories to a great afternoon with the boys for some male style pampering in preparation for Sarah’s and my special day tomorrow.
    I’m sure Sarah will be happy with my pre-wedding shave.


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