intimate -1. Closely acquainted, familiar 2. private and personal – noun – “a very close friend” – Sally & Craig

IMGL7152 copy

I finally got to poke about inside the spectacular Bruisyard Hall yesterday, and to say I didn’t want to leave was an understatement. This is where I wish I’d worked harder at school so I could live somewhere THAT cool. It’s one of those venues that hits you in the feels. Pure unpretentious class. My all time favourite Jo Malone made an appearance too. Yum. When Jo is near there’s nothing to fear. Those scents have that power, it’s true.

Our Groom, Craig, just happens to be the Son of a friend and a colleague so the pressure was on….we all co-exist in a bizarre parallel universe that’s a million miles away from a Wedding Day……..and boy it couldn’t have been further away.

It was a calm, relaxed morning getting ready with Sally and her tribe upstairs. We monitored the pesky rain through the huge windows and I’m pleased to report we got shot of it just in time for the ceremony.

I think it’s fair to say it was quite an emotional ceremony, Sally’s Dad beamed with pride as he walked her down the aisle. He also reminded me of Colin Firth so that made my day. Sally and Craig told me this would be an intimate day, and they were surrounded by their nearest and dearest. I had my first confetti shot with a pooch in too, you’ll see Poppy in there somewhere! If not, Patrick has around 900 images of her so you’re spoilt for choice 🙂

The first dance I’ll let you see for yourself, but crikey it was memorable. Another highlight for me was watching Sally and her Mum prepare the Wedding cake together, a cracking moment where I knew I was witnessing a little bit of family history being made. They’re good at making cakes these two are.

It was an honour to be a small part of it and an absolute joy to document from start to finish. Keep looking for the stars Craig.

Big shout out to the awesome Patrick Watson Photography for being my wingman and BFF!

Also shout out to the insanely talented Michelle Bennett M.U.A,

Last but by no means least, SWOOOOOONNNNNN!

Dig in peeps, it’s a good one 🙂


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