O let us be married! too long we have tarried:But what shall we do for a ring?

Steve & Racheal 2018-1429.jpg

Well hello there Rachel. What an absolute fox you are my dear and a joy to photograph. Norwich is indeed a fine city and I’m quite proud of it, well as proud as a scouser can be of another city anyway….

I dumped the faithful Beetle Bug nice and early, packed myself up with lovely camera gear (we like gear we do) and walked through the city to meet Rachel at her hotel by the river. Norwich was just waking up as I made my way through the castle gardens and down Rose Lane. The people sleeping out wished me a good morning and smiled, I hoped the good weather would continue for them. I watched them pack up and move out away from sight for the day, slightly sad that their day would be vastly different from the one I was about to experience.

I was a tad early and rounded the corner to see Rachel and Steve perched on a wall quietly reflecting and we were off with a bang. The thing that struck me most yesterday was this. Rachel and Steve’s wedding was about them. BRAV-FRICK’O people! I mean, isn’t that how it should be? Sure, they had their family and dearest friends there too, but man alive, this day firmly was theirs and they took it and savoured every moment.

We managed to get matching hackney cabs up to the castle which was a real treat, where the ceremony was smoking hot in terms of chemistry and weather. Thanks heavens they’ve splashed out on a Dyson fan, right posh they are 🙂 There was a pretty special reading too, I’m glad Steve was facing to the front though, I suspect the verses of the Owl and the Pussycat may have be a bit too much otherwise. I’ve not heard a reading done that well before, impressive stuff indeed.

The wedding party then made their way through the city to the Guildhall for their reception. I’ve passed this building for years and I’m blown away by the size of it inside, a veritable tardis full of history and character. Recently taken over the the lovely team at Britannia, the interior was decked out beautifully. There may have been a small spelling mistake which led to some cute mini cakes upon arrival. They didn’t look like crab cakes anyway! We had a visit from an ice cream van too, talk about being spoilt. Enough of my ramblings, have a look for yourself. I doubt you’ll find a prouder man than Steve around Norwich or a classier, happier Bride than Rachel. Check out that kiss on the bandstand….swoon! Thanks for having us along, a smoking hot day all round. Shout out to Paul Sturman for being an awesome wingman as ever.






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