“Vivi con passione ~ Ridi di cuore ~ Ama profondamente” Live with passion ~ Laugh out loud ~ Love deeply

Beautiful Abruzzo in Italy, the setting for Aiden and Amy’s Wedding Day. It’s known as the greenest region in Italy mainly due to the amount of National Parks. Having stolen a quick ride up into the mountains yesterday I can certainly agree with that, I think the Italian horses have the same relaxed approach to life as the people I met too. Kick on!

Abruzzo is located East of Rome and is surrounded by the Adriatic Coastline and the Apennine mountains. It’s dramatic mountain scenery has a diverse landscape. There are no crowds here and the pace of life is on a whole new level, I’m beginning to learn about ‘Italian time’ and I confess I quite like it. Almost as much as I like the pizza and pistachio ice cream.

The Wedding Day started bright and early with Amy getting ready at the M.I.L’S stunning (very green) house on the hillside. Amy’s Mum cracked on with her hair which I thought was a lovely touch, finished off by the veil being placed by Mum too.

Then……..then it all got very exciting very quickly indeed. This is where I wish I could include some audio alongside the images. Three white vintage Fiat 500’s arrived to escort Amy to the Wedding venue. Friends and family quickly covered them in ribbon and they were reversed down a steep drive in perfect formation ready for Amy. These little cars really did take centre stage from here on in. I raced ahead in my little hire car (note to self, hire an Alfa next time a 1.2 Corsa just didn’t cut the mustard!) to document the 45 minute journey to meet Aiden. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I knew I was part of something VERY special.

We drove through the most beautiful hilltop towns and hamlets, some I suspect dating back to Medieveal and Renaissance periods. I now see why Abruzzo was famed as an ancient centre of magic, it was hauntingly beautiful and peaceful . Until we found the locals that is….people came out of bars to share wine and well wishes and there were countless shouts of : “BELLISIMA!” for Amy to enjoy. The horns beeped a merry tune all the way to the Villa. I’ll never forget the memories of this trip with these adorable cars. Which, by the way, are still raced.

Amy walked down a rose covered aisle to Aiden, with her best friend (recently ordained) to conduct a sincere, loving and humorous ceremony for all to enjoy. The rose petals had all been collected by Amy prior to the Wedding from flowers Aiden had bought her. If that dosen’t bring a lump to your throat I don’t know what will.

A Wedding breakfast of six courses saw Guests loosening clothing as the afternoon progressed. What a treat they had. The speeches took place overlooking the family home as did the ceremony, yet another sentimental touch that shows just how lovely these guys are.  It will forever remain the ‘jasmine’ Wedding for me, one of my favourite smells, and it wafted in abundance all day and night, only serving to add to the beauty assassinating all of my senses.

The dance floor went with an almighty bang, but I’ll let you see for yourself. There were a few other surprises in store, best viewed large, pull up a chair, get comfy and check it out. Oh, and if you ever get the opportunity  to go to a Cantine festival….don’t hesitate. These guys know how to PAAAARRRRRTTTAAAYYYYY! It only remains for me to thanks this genuinely awesome couple for taking me along with them. I almost choked up a few times along the way, I’m so lucky. Then again, so is Aiden. Amy clearly loves him, you don’t need a photograph to see that. He’s a lucky lad indeed.

Massive shoutout to Patrick and the ever awesome Sainsbury family for all that they do for me. Love you guys xxx





The next day we headed out for a little mini shoot, I’m so glad we did. These are some of my absolute favourites. This jacket is to die for, and if it’s good enough for Taylor Swift it’s certainly good enough for our Amy.



Thanks Amy, for being an absolute dream to work with. Have a  wicked honeymoon. x

6 thoughts on ““Vivi con passione ~ Ridi di cuore ~ Ama profondamente” Live with passion ~ Laugh out loud ~ Love deeply

  1. Oh my goodness what fabulous words and amazing pictures. Looks such a joyous wedding and stunningly beautiful. Congratulations to you both.
    Brilliant job !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You. Are. A. May. Zing.
    Fantastic photos darlings… I’d like to say it’s all due to the wonderful ‘models’ you were lucky enough to have…. but that would’nt be the whole truth. Your creativity and talent is absolutely awesome…. great pics, great photographers, great wedding, great bride and groom xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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