Destination unknown.


I write this as a ridicuously excited and overtired 39 year old . At 0130 hours tomorrow we jet off to Italy to shoot Aiden and Amy’s Italian Wedding. You may remember their blog from Marylebone last week.

This is my first time documenting a Wedding abroad, and if I’ve checked my camera bag once I’ve checked it a million times. Whether or not I have enough clean pants to see me through is another matter entirely. I can buy pants there right?

Here they are, the couple who are trusting me with this enormous responsibility, and for this reason they will always be special. All of my couples are special, and for different reasons, but these guys will be firmly in my memory bank and I’ll be forever grateful to them for this opportunity.


It’s still a shock to me that I’ve come this far and I’m continually counting my blessings. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life may be a cliche but it rings true. Thing is, it’s the HARDEST work I’ve ever done, because I’m 100% committed and passionate about documenting the most important day in someone’s life. One day all we have left are memories, and I’ll strive to make those as authentic and timeless as possible.


At least I don’t have the responsibility of getting the rings there safely……

I’m looking forward to sampling a few ice creams after the hard work is done, I suspect I’ll be working extra hard at Crossfit next week…..


So for now, I’ll say goodbye and catch up with you on the flip side. Who knows what’s ahead? I do know I’m a very lucky lady and I can’t wait to get stuck in. See you soon Aiden and Amy!!!! x

Shout out to the awesome James Rouse ( for hints and tips to see me on my way, and to the ever faithful Patrick Watson ( for being a legend and an all round top mate.


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