Aiden & Amy at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. It’s not all about Harry this weekend….


Z72A0453Marylebone Town Hall is one classy venue people! So classy in fact, I was politely removed from the steps whilst scoping it out before the ceremony today….shout out to the lovely Alexander who showed me around this morning, lovely chap. If you look carefully at the blue sky, you’ll see we were treated to some kisses up in the clouds, awesome stuff.

Aiden and Amy are having two bites of the Wedding cherry. Oh yes. These guys are so in love they’re doing it TWICE. Part One was held today at this magnificent venue. It’s recently been refurbished and whilst it retains the 1920’s vibe, it’s had a touch of the contemporary added to it too. Speaking of doing things twice, John Lennon married two of his three wives here. Ringo Starr got hitched here too. I’d say Aiden and Amy were in great company today. Some dude called Antonio Banderas also married here….get the picture? It’s a seriously cool venue. If you’re considering a London wedding check it out.

So before I show you the day from my point of view, let me first wish our Bride Amy a very Happy Birthday. Pure genius getting married on your birthday Amy, Aiden has no excuse to forget either now. Skills. You can’t teach that level of genius.

Every Bride is beautiful on her day, of course, but Amy was a picture of class and elegance in her gorgeous red dress and matching jacket. Timeless. So good in fact, I splashed out on a Polaroid today, yup, instant is back people!

Guys, thanks so much for a real treat today, I hope you’re having a wonderful evening in Piccadilly. I can’t believe I’m about to type this….(let me just pinch myself first) I’LL SEE YOU IN ITALY NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, where’s my Passport? 🙂



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