Yup. The dress had POCKETS.


Does it get any better? Shelley and I go waaaaayyyyy back to another world entirely. I much prefer the one we find ourselves in now however:) We were blessed with an absolute stonker of a day, and I quickly regretted the long sleeved dress and black tights! Is is safe to say Spring is finally here?

I packed the car up and headed off to Ipswich to the salon to meet Shelley and her bloody lovely and talented hairdresser. Shelley had a super relaxed morning bathed in the sunlight flooding through a huge window watching the everyday world passing by. Make up complete shortly after and we jumped in the beetle heading off to Mum’s house. I’ve got a cracking picture there but it’s not suitable for public consumption…..mwwwaahhhhh.

I may have spent a while longer with Shelley’s BEAUTIFUL shoes, she’s lucky she got them back……..the vintage car pulled up outside soon after and we headed off to Hungarian Hall, only slightly fashionably late. An emotional but bubbly ceremony saw Shelley and Paul tie the knot in front of their family and friends, then heading outdoors into the brilliant sunshine for games on the lawn next to the marquee. The highlight of the speeches was Paul’s friend saying hello all the way from Oz on an iPad, a really thoughtful touch that hit the spot for Paul.

I’m pleased to report the sparkler send off went without a hitch, and was probably the longest tunnel I’ve seen yet! Not one eyeball was poked out 🙂

But for me, the most romantic and memorable part of the day was their first dance. It’s not that often I get such a sexy dance floor. The lighting was off the scale and we were all treated to some pretty awesome confetti cannons and a tighter squeeze from these guys as it went bang. A real film star ending. On that note, whilst Paul looked dapper in his suit Shelley really stole the show in her beautiful gown, and yes, it had POCKETS. Yup. Dresses don’t get prettier than that for us girls. She looked like a Hollywood film star with her beautiful locks and trademark smile that I suspect Paul will enjoy for a long time yet. Thanks for giving us such a brilliant day to document, and a huge shout out to the ever supportive Patrick Watson for being by my side all day and shooting the magic too. Massive thanks for my beautiful bracelet too. It’s not coming off. Lots of love xxx

Here’s a few peeks to keep you going.

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