We all start somewhere…want to second shoot?

Well hello there peeps. I’ve put off moving into the world of blogging long enough. There’s just never enough hours in the day are there? Well I’m determined to crack this so here goes. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a bit obsessed with cameras and weddings….

I’m literally addicted to documenting life at the best of times, a wedding is the ultimate opportunity to push yourself in every way possible. I got into this industry thanks to a little serendipity and a LOT of luck. I fell into the capable hands of Patrick Watson, a truly awesome Photographer here in Norfolk. He took me under his wing and opened my eyes to a world where for the first time, I feel truly happy and at home. That was four years ago. I hit the ground running under his watchful eye.

In at the deep end!

People have started to message me asking to come along and assist at weddings recently. This still takes me by surprise each time someone reaches out. Why me? What the heck can I offer? Hello self doubt, pull up a seat reality check!

Turns out I can offer something. I can pass the learning on. I can open people’s eyes to a whole new world that has the power to truly make people HAPPY. Too many people in this industry hold their secrets close, truth is there’s plenty of work for everyone. We don’t need to pull each other down to succeed, we should encourage and champion each other’s work and art. Praise should be given and we should tell each other when an image makes you linger a little longer. Trust me, it goes a long way. We creatives tend to be a tad self deprecating at the best of times.

^that’s my little monkey Jack, and my big monkey aka the Hubby. My entire universe has him firmly at the centre of it. We both carried him when he was little, just like Patrick carried me, he’s my Yoda you see. Oh how we’ve laughed along the way, usually thanks to my antics. It’s a steep learning curve and I’m still learning every day.

To anyone who wants to get involved in the wedding industry I’d encourage you to second shoot. Get out there and experience it first hand. A wedding day moves very quickly, little time to dissect there and then. No second chances if you get it wrong, and the pressure is really full on. Be prepared to be on your feet for a long time. Take scooby snacks, you’ll never know if and when you’ll get to eat. Pack some drugs too. Not the naughty ones of course, but drugs to deal with minor medical eeeerrrrmmmmm emergencies if you catch my drift? No time to be sick!

Have back up equipment. You never know when something could fail, and for the love of god shoot to two cards, because why wouldn’t you?

Be confident shooting in manual. Auto ISO won’t cut the mustard indoors if you don’t control it.

Be smart. This is a huge privilege, there’s really no better way to spend a day. You’ll need to be comfortable. I have my wedding outfits arranged for the seasons. A December wedding is a whole new ballgame.

Shoot raw. More scope for recovery if something goes wrong. Light can change very quickly.

Primes. I bloody love me primes I do.

Ah. Light.

This was a beautiful summer evening last year. That kind of light is very fleeting trust me. Grab the camera and shoot shoot shoot. Invariably this time of day always rocks up between courses too. Most of my couples have been forewarned if in say it’s ‘time then we are nipping out quickly.

Be prepared to do a lot of carrying and lifting. Ladders, lightstands and softboxes need moving around. The worst bit? Having to model for the boss while we nail some settings 🤣 there’s a reason I’m behind the camera!

A good assistant listens well, this little dude is shaping up quite nicely.

I was incredibly lucky to have such a huge opportunity come my way. I studied photography at college and it was always there, but not like it is now. It’s taken me on some pretty epic adventures and I’m far from done.

I photograph what I’m most frightened of losing, hence the stack of hardrives in our house. Storage is cheap, back up and back up again.

I’m also blessed to belong to a group.of fellow photographers here in Norfolk. These dudes are awesome. We are all at different stages in the industry and that’s cool. We rock. We share jobs and offer support and advice, not to mention the odd social gathering. Broken a leg? No problem, the group’s got your back. This support network is a huge comfort.

So here I am. Four years and not one blog. I promise to try harder. Instead of sneak peeks I’ll blog each wedding.

I’ll always help anyone who asks, if you’re seriously considering this path drop me a line, I’ll tell you the truth! Share the love right? I wouldn’t be preparing for my first destination wedding (can I get a hell yeah) if someone hadn’t helped me. Time to give back and take the stabilizers off. Oh, and pack for Italy. Am I dreaming?

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